Green Dog Walkers Campaign

green-dog-walkers-rectangle (405 x 203)Afternoon all, Green Dog Walkers Campaign is an initiative being run by Cork County Council to raise awareness through Dog Owners and Dog Walkers about the dangers of Dog Fouling. Lets face it people, whether you are walking a lap of the park, or Drishane Road, back the West End, it ain’t very pleasant if you step in dog poo. I know the weather is not the greatest  @ the moment but as it will gradually start to improve, more and more of us will be out walking. The Green Dog Walkers campaign aims to get dog owners to just be mindful of the mess your pooch may leave behind. So what can we do, Sign a pledge card. That’s it. We are trying to get people to pick up poo. The pledge card is your promise to your community that you will be conscious of your doggies poop and pick it up. Simple but effective. Like most things if we all just mind our own little spot it makes a huge difference. Pledge cards are currently available in Millstreet Veterinary Clinic on Macroom Road. So please pick up a card and sign the pledge to clean up the poo from your pooch.


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